These notes are unofficial summaries of the Inside a Blaseball streams. I try to keep things as accurate as possible, but answers may not be transcribed verbatim.

<aside> 🎉 Blaseball’s return has been pushed to Fall 2022 Maincord will be going into a more siesta-y mode in June Playtest application information emails will be going out next week


VoD can be found here:

Inside a Blaseball - blaseball on Twitch


EM - Elena Murphy (she/her) SB - Stephen Bell (he/him) BD - Bria Davis (she/her) MH - Michael Fox (he/him) - Blaseball TCG RW - Rain Watt (it/its) - Blaseball TCG, The Garages M - Mel (he/him) FK - Felix Kramer (they/them) G - Gabe

(Unattributed lines are either continuations of the prior answerer or group summary lines)

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Misc Notes

Blaseball coming back notes: initial timeline was Summer, timeline has adjusted to Fall 2022.

The community team are thinking about the discord and how it’s serving the community/its relationship with Blaseball. Server will be going into a siesta mode, more slowmodes and limited channels (Similar to after Discipline, more details will be posted in maincord later). This will start on June 8th. Blaseball specific events are planned for the Discord in future as well though.

Playtest Realm (PTR) applications will go out via email next week! If you somehow don’t have an account on the main site yet (How do you know about this site??) you should make one before the emails go out if you’re interested.

Medium should have a hard copy of all of this tomorrow (26 May).

Bria thinks Michigan is pretty neat.

Felix is playing Elden Ring while Inside a Blaseball.

In Closing

Thanks for coming, everyone. I hope you liked that.

Blaseball Q&A tomorrow (26 May)

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