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Everybody loves a man in a poncho

<aside> 🎉 Blaseball is planned to return in Summer, with a closed playtest realm before that (which will not be story relevant) There will be an article on Medium later this week to go into more details.


VoD can be found here:

Inside a Blaseball Episode #10 - MORTAL DESTINY - February 8, 2022

(IAB starts at 14:10)


EM - Elena Murphy (UX) M - Mel (He/they) (Engineer, Ump Iron) G - Gabe (Designer, Ump Trash) BD - Bria Davis (Community Director, Slugger Croms) JC - Joel Clark (Designer, Ump Chaff)

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Misc Notes

IntegerMaxValue is no closer to infinity than Five is.

{Internal video about blaseball testimonials}

In Closing

Circuits are over! Next milestone is the full launch of the next era, which includes the mobile app, which will launch concurrently! There will be a Medium article later in the week to go into details, but one thing that will be happening is a closed playtest realm. This will be a product testing environment, not story related. The goal for the rest of the siesta is that we’ll see everyone with the launch in the summer. Hoping that it will be sooner than that, but the aim is summer.


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