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<aside> 🎉 If you hadn't seen yet, Short Circuits has been announced! See below the questions for more details.


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Inside a Blaseball Episode #8 - October 26, 2021


EM - Elena Murphy BD - Bria Davis SB - Stephen Bell G - Goobie (Gabe?) - Designer JC - Joel Clark (RIV) JR - Jesse Raccio FK - Felix Kramer

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Short Circuit

Introducing Blaseball: Short Circuits

Meant to be a low stakes Blaseball experience, good entry/return point to get back to the simpler times. Most of the details are in the discord posts/other links.

Putting the "fun" in FUNdamental. You'll all be helping test new systems, there's an internal schedule but nothing public yet. As we process the results we'll let you know about the next one. There'll be surveys, analysis of what's easier/harder to get to, etc Will be releasing a new FAQ "at some point", hopefully to make onboarding your friends a bit easier.

A lot of you are gonna realize something on November 1st, and it has something to do with math, but like, the good kind of math, not the bad kind of math. And I just want to say I'm sorry and you're welcome. Something about "All gas, no brakes". It's "deeply cursed math"

In Closing

Next IAB: November 15, 6 PM PT/9 PM ET

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