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Only movie talk allowed.

<aside> 🎉 TENTATIVE Blaseball return date announced for February 22!


Salient Points:

<aside> ❗ - "Science" and "eDensity" are Blaseball cosmology terms. Every team has an "eDensity" (#3)


VoD can be found here:

Inside a Blaseball Episode #3 - January 15, 2021


EM - Elena Murphy JC - Joel Clark SB - Stephen Bell RM - Roldan Melcon SR - Sam Rosenthal CA - Cedric Adams CD - Cory Davis FK - Felix Kramer

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"A sink is just a people waterfall"

Announcement (It's smaller than a breadbox)

We have a TENTATIVE date for Season 12. We're going to announce it now because we want people to be able to plan around it, but IT'S TENTATIVE. If we decide we need an extra week or two, just be ready for that. February 22. We'll keep you updated, and try to be as transparent as possible, but we're pretty optimistic about that.

There's gonna be some pretty big changes going in (That depends on what gets voted in (Some of it's already been voted in)). You're gonna get a lot of stuff right off the bat.

We changed 137 files in the merge we just made.

The next IAB has not been scheduled, we'll keep you updated when it is.

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